Welcome to my site! :)
I've got YouTube videos about most of my creations (games, inventions, websites, music) but there's a lot of stuff here too, including MP3s! Click around and enjoy yourself!!
FREE MUSIC for your YouTube videos, videogames, movies, whatever! Just credit my YouTube channel (not this site) like this:
"music by youtube.com/CreatedByBrett"
"music by http://youtube.com/CreatedByBrett"
Click here to listen and download!
T-shirts and other swag? I'm glad you asked! My SpreadShirt.com shop has my designs on tees, buttons, dog clothes, and those banners they fly behind airplanes.
(OK, they don't really have airplane banners, but they should!)
Click on the tees to get there!
Look what my mom dug up: my senior-year high school newspaper! Boy, I was one handsome devil back then! LOL!!